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Multi Currency Card


What is a Travel Card?
The power-packed ICICI Bank Travel Card is a Travel companion for all your international trips. Now maintain all the travel expenses in a convenient, secure and hassle free environment using ICICI Bank Travel Card instead of carrying large amount of cash and take away hassle of frequent visits to money changers.

With the ICICI Bank Multicurrency Travel Card in your wallet, everything around the world is just a swipe away. Use this card to pay airline tickets, hotel bills, dining and other expenses at millions of merchants around the world and capitalize on your business expenses with the great offers and discounts available across the globe.

Benefits and Features of Travel Card:
  1. Complimentary Comprehensive Travel Insurance & emergency travel assistance
  2. Free Replacement Card as part of the Kit
  3. Easy refund of unspent amount with no extra charges
  4. Wallet to Wallet fund transfer facility

Multi Currency Travel Card

multi currency travel card
Multi Currency Travel Card is available only on VISA.
It is a chip based card

15 currencies are available in a card . Please find the order of currencies. In case of insufficient balance in the transaction currency wallet on your Travel Card, the amount will be debited from the currency wallet lowest in order having sufficient balance. In such cases, cross currency fees will be levied along with Service Tax (as mentioned in the Schedule of Charges). Please note that partial wallet transactions are not possible.

1. US Dollar (USD) 9. Japanese Yen (JPY)
2. Pound Sterling (GBP) 10. Swedish Krona (SEK)
3. Euro (EUR) 11. South African Rand (ZAR)
4. Canadian Dollar (CAD) 12. Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)
5. Australian Dollar (AUD) 13. Thai Baht (THB)
6. Singapore Dollar (SGD) 14. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
7. Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) 15. Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
8. Swiss Franc (CHF)
Activation and Usage
The Card is instantly activated once it is loaded.
Then the Card can be used for POS Transactions, ATM withdrawals and Online transactions
  • Merchant dips/swipes Card at POS terminal
  • Enter amount
  • Account type – Checking/Current/Credit
  • Enter 4-digit ATM PIN, if required
  • Sign on the merchant copy of transaction slip
  • Use the Travel Card at ATMs with Visa/MasterCard logo
  • Enter 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Select Cash withdrawal/ Balance enquiry
  • Account type – Checking/Current/Credit
  • The Card is pre-activated for online transactions
  • Log on to the international merchant website
  • Select Credit Card as the mode of payment
  • Enter Card details and billing information
  • Confirm to make payment

Reloading Process of the Card

Reload online using your ICICI Bank Savings Account Reload through iMobile using your ICICI Bank Savings Account Reload from ICICI Bank branch
Visit Install iMobile app Visit nearest ICICI Bank Forex servicing branch
Click Reload online Select Cards, Loans and Forex section Duly fill and Sign reload form
Enter Card details Select Reload Travel Card option in forex Submit required documents
Make payment using ICICI Bank Savings Account Enter Card details Pay loading amount in INR
Card loaded in 1 working day Make payment using ICICI Bank Savings Account Card reloaded instantly
Card loaded in 1 working day

Features & Benefits of ICICI Bank Travel Card

Free Replacement Card:
The Travel Card kit comes with a free Replacement Card and Replacement Card PIN. If Primary Card is damaged/lost, Replacement Card can be activated.
If the ATM PIN have to be regenerated, login to self care portal or call phone banking team
feature benefits of card
In case, the customer loses both Primary Card and the Replacement Card, he/she can call Customer Care and request for a Replacement Card. The card will be delivered to the International address or domestic address according to the request with 7 working days.
Lost Card Replacement Fee: International location – USD 20, Indian location – USD 3.00

Product - Fees and Charges

ATM Usage Fee Cash withdrawal fee
Balance enquiry fee
Additional surcharge may also be levied by International banks
Mark up fee/ Cross currency fee When the transaction currency is different from the currency loaded in the Card, mark-up fee is charged
Inactivity fee If customer purchased and not used the Travel Card for 6 months or more, inactivity fee is levied
Sr. No Currency ATM Balance Enquiry Fee ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee Daily Limit for ATM Cash Withdrawal*
1 US Dollar USD 0.50 USD 2.00 USD 2,000
2 Pound Sterling GBP 0.50 GBP 1.50 GBP 1,000
3 Euro EUR 0.50 EUR 1.50 EUR 1,500
4 Canadian Dollar CAD 0.50 CAD 2.00 CAD 2,000
5 Australian Dollar AUD 0.50 AUD 2.00 AUD 2,000
6 Singapore Dollar SGD 1.00 SGD 3.00 SGD 2,500
7 Arab Emirates Dirham AED 2.00 AED 7.00 AED 7,500
8 Swiss Franc CHF 0.50 CHF 2.50 CHF 2,000
9 Japanese Yen JPY 60.00 JPY 250 JPY 2,00,000
10 Swedish Krona SEK 4.00 SEK 15.00 SEK 15,000
11 South African Rand ZAR 5.00 ZAR 25.00 ZAR 25,000
12 Saudi Arabian Riyal SAR 2.00 SAR 7.50 SAR 7,500
13 Thai Baht THB 16.00 THB 65.00 THB 70,000
14 New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.60 NZD 2.50 NZD 2,500
15 Hong Kong Dollar HKD 4.00 HKD 15.00 HKD 15,000
Joining fee: ₹150, Reload fee: ₹100; Inactivity fees: USD 5 or equivalent for every 180 days of inactivity
Transaction fee: Point of Sale (POS)/Online – NIL; Cross currency fee: 3.5% + GST
Wallet to wallet transfer fee: 2.5% of transfer amount (from the destination wallet)
Cash Advance/ Cash@POS transactions fee: 0.5% of transaction amount. It is a facility through which ICICI Bank Travel Card holders can withdraw cash by swiping their card at merchant outlets
Lost card replacement fee: International location – USD 20.00, Indian location – USD 3.00
Fee for uncapped ATM withdrawals: 0.75% of withdrawal amount#
All fees and charges mentioned above are exclusive of taxes.
Additional fees for ATM transactions may be levied by the bank owning the overseas ATM used

Customer Care Contact Numbers:

For any Travel Card queries or issues, you can write to us at You may also call our 24-hour* Customer Care numbers.

24 hour* Domestic Number: +91 2233667777/ +91 4033667777

24 hour International Toll-Free** Numbers:
Australia - 0011 800 0424 2448 Belgium - 00 800 0424 2448 Canada - 1866 4242 448 Finland - 990 800 0424 2448
France - 00 800 0424 2448 Germany - 00 800 0424 2448 Ireland - 00800 0424 2448 Italy -00 800 0424 2448
Luxembourg - 00 800 0424 2448 Netherlands - 00 800 0424 2448 Portugal - 00 800 0424 2448 Singapore - 800 101 2553
Spain - 00 800 0424 2448 UAE - 8000 9114 001 United Kingdom - 0 8081 314 151 United States - 1866 4242 448
*Note : This is in regards to ICICI Bank. If any changes occur we will update according.